Are Big Brakes Worth It?

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To go fast you've gotta be able to brake fast.
Zach gives you the low down on what matters when picking out a new set of brakes.
Check out the brakes we used from Flyin' Miata here:
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Frank Collins
Frank Collins - Uur geleden
Purple anodized stuff is the best
Dropkick Suplex
Dropkick Suplex - Dag geleden
i don't trust you, you look too much like adam cole
Russian spy
Russian spy - 3 dagen geleden
Nah mate brakes are overrated just take your leg of the gas and wait for the car to stop by it’s self
Seiker Gaming
Seiker Gaming - 3 dagen geleden
I mean I like cars.. I see they do dumb or informative stuff I click that
Ingmar Van olffen
Ingmar Van olffen - 5 dagen geleden
Can i still get a sticker?
Wevonox - 6 dagen geleden
You like mini stories? Keep in mind I been driving for 4 months and don't know nothing about cars really. My car worked normal, I drove it 30 mins away from home to an auto parts store to buy some tool and "bleed" the breaks there from the master cylinder according to some YouTube videos. Ended up with no breaking power, break peddle to the floor and car woud drive away when e-break was released. Called some mechanics and told them I had no breaks and they said I needed to drive the car to their shop LOL Took an Uber home, 1 am took an Uber back to that parking lot and decided to drive my car home with no breaks i used my e-break to stop, hardly any cars on the road, drove extra safe and careful I made it safe and next day I did a 100% Full bleeding and flushing? of all the break lines alone with my little home made kit and boom my breaks now are working better then before. I'm glad I decided to do that and try to fix it my self instead of paying a tow truck and mechanics most likely would scam me. anyway thanks for posting loving the vids 😅😎
Anthony P
Anthony P - 7 dagen geleden
Do you guys know how to get more power out of the motor without getting a garret yurbo
Jevaughn Graham
Jevaughn Graham - 8 dagen geleden
What did you say about my MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JustAsimple MAN
JustAsimple MAN - 9 dagen geleden
I think they’re orange not red
Dcc357 - 11 dagen geleden
Oversized brakes are one of my favorite things to see on any car, especially if it came from factory with them.
Sirhc Me
Sirhc Me - 11 dagen geleden
Zach! Zach!! I know you lived but your safety plan is making me cringe. I can’t stop looking at the brake disk hanging over you. As a California boy (I.e., Earthquake Land), I was taught to lay my tires under the frame so if we get a little rollin’ I get to replace rims and not my chest... Excellent info as always though!
Rush380 - 12 dagen geleden
Is brake delete worth it?
niko stark
niko stark - 12 dagen geleden
U gys need to bring back bart and science garage
Loay Ahmed
Loay Ahmed - 14 dagen geleden
7 months later you almost 5 million subscribers
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 14 dagen geleden
Noooooooooooooooope. All you need are good semi-metalics. And a quick cheat is to overfill your fluid a bit. A fucking BIT. Not a lot. Ceramics blow ballsack.
Andy Kwak
Andy Kwak - 19 dagen geleden
g o o b g o o b
g o o b g o o b - 21 dag geleden
your mom
Switchellmobb - 21 dag geleden
I love you guys but it's kind of silly to thank us by charging us for a sticker ya know 😘
insertcleverphrasehere - 23 dagen geleden
Just get a tesla... then you don't need to bother with all this 'break' nonsense.
Daniel Clements
Daniel Clements - 23 dagen geleden
Might get them on my truck lol. Got a v8 in there.
Codenomics - 23 dagen geleden
Am I the only one seeing orange calipers, not red?
dogukan algin
dogukan algin - 24 dagen geleden
You look like chris bumstead
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee - 26 dagen geleden
4 million subscribers and we only get a sticker and we have to buy the sticker... LoL 😂
Dave F
Dave F - 26 dagen geleden
I like big brakes and I can not lie.
Tenzack YOGI
Tenzack YOGI - 28 dagen geleden
Always love Bosch Ceramic brakepad...
Wade Begay
Wade Begay - Maand geleden
Love your show. 🚗💨
JACS1N1ST3R - Maand geleden
Lol.. they're about to break 5 mil already hahaha
DvidMaster - Maand geleden
At 11:00 I literally thought that the car stands on that bucket instead of the jack stand.
155mustang - Maand geleden
Yo in 15 seconds you guys explained bleeding brakes better than most dedicated videos
Evolved German
Evolved German - Maand geleden
i like my brembos just for how easy they are to swap the pads.
My brakes are fine for my 100hp s2000 but me being sick in the head really need the purple calipers of some D2 BBK😍😍😍
James - Maand geleden
Might be a problem when you balance your wheels. Sticking some weights on look like they will hit the parking brake cable.
sirvemon - Maand geleden
I just got a set of yellow stuff pads, mostly because I like cruising the highway in the evenings, and deer are a big issue sometimes, plus my taurus isn't exactly light as a feather either
Acura RL
Acura RL - Maand geleden
Did you set valve
Carlos CEO of REDLINEQUICKSHIFT - youtube Channel
At 10:57 I legit thought the bucket was holding the car up for a sec 🤣🤣
Emmanuel Jimenez
Emmanuel Jimenez - Maand geleden
Unsprung weight- “your mom” 😂
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker - Maand geleden
Its a good idea to clean the rust off of the hub before installing new rotors.
KYS FaG - Maand geleden
I don’t care they look better so fuck it
Will Wagner
Will Wagner - Maand geleden
The fretful cream visually change because committee evolutionarily tame without a puzzled horn. venomous, nippy push
Ben B
Ben B - Maand geleden
I love this damn channel!
sifudank - Maand geleden
Purple for life, homie !
Brad Lag
Brad Lag - Maand geleden
I know you said dont do this 100 times but that one time you kinda hinted that I should do this so ima do it.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - Maand geleden
Do it nice, do it twice.
ezescousin14213 - Maand geleden
Infomercial was about power stop brakes
sukhvinder chhina
sukhvinder chhina - Maand geleden
Buddy thanks for all the good work on video. Small concern for your eyes, please always wear safety glasses before going underneath the vehicle.
erik tee
erik tee - Maand geleden
The wistful specialist contrastingly regret because february pharmacokinetically expect past a witty sea. inexpensive, few fierce rowboat
Wizard Magical Gardens
Wizard Magical Gardens - Maand geleden
Ok wize guy. Say
Bleed the back brakes...
Say it ten times real fast...
You will be lucky to say three times
Jal yaz Roj vaz
Jal yaz Roj vaz - Maand geleden
The helpful shorts comprehensively obtain because destruction immunophenotypically pour across a innocent vietnam. belligerent, uppity airport
Edwin Sze
Edwin Sze - Maand geleden
bruh i just a set of big calibers to look good
randell gribben
randell gribben - Maand geleden
not ' rotor warping ' brake pad deposit.. or pad transfer.. that micro deposit of pad in a localized spot will make the pad and pistons pluse as the pad runs over the deposit.. it will make it feel like a pulsing brake pad.. and as for the brake bias adjuster.. how did you test it? in the video,, you did not adjust the front to rear owner.. alfa logic.. working on classic alfa romeos, ferrari's. auto bianchi's, fiats.. lancia;s etc.. we do our homework..and make , upgraded( big brake ) kits.. not off the shelf.. but idea, design and test.. before customers get to own them.. but overall you have a great channel
randell gribben
randell gribben - Maand geleden
forgot,, if the rotor is rusted to the hub.. after you remove it,, it should be rid of the rust, and a nickel anti seize painted onto the hub surface.. nickel anti seize has a higher temp. rating than the copper stuff.. and brakes get
Taco Senpai
Taco Senpai - Maand geleden
You boys at Donut do not talk about one thing tho. it may be people like us who watch you guys but its people like you who are the best at what you do. i have never enjoyed a big group of people like yourselves doing youtube cause usually you find that one guy you dont like but not the case here. everyone deserves praise for how they entertain. yeah it might be a guy who writes a script but you are the one who adds personality. I Love you guys
Waldemar Ruk
Waldemar Ruk - Maand geleden
oh. i've been waitn' for a "comparison ride" with some "cool slows" on old brakes and "hot slows" on new ones.... but it never been shown 😢
Donovan Shea
Donovan Shea - 2 maanden geleden
Welcome back to another episode of “these cost twice as much as I paid for the whole car”
Bring me Peter pan
Bring me Peter pan - 2 maanden geleden
I'm wondering if Zack conned everyone into getting nice parts for his cars under the guise of "business expenditures" lol
Xavier Wolfe
Xavier Wolfe - 2 maanden geleden
the 934 just chilling in the back
Double Yellows
Double Yellows - 2 maanden geleden
You really don't need to change brake fluid once a year unless you're tracking it hard or there's problem or corrosion which has allowed water into the lines. Maybe every 5 to 6 years? Brake fluid degradation is very obvious when you brake, so you'll know when it's time to replace, it's not something you need to do as a matter of course.
shrekvt - 2 maanden geleden
It's a fallacy that if you can lock up your brakes, then they are "big" enough. Brakes turn kinetic energy in to heat. The more heat your brakes are able to dissipate, the faster they can slow you down. When you lock up the brakes, it means you have exceed the frictional and heat capability of the of brakes and they just lock up. All things equal (brake compound, brake fluid, rotor,... etc) the bigger the brake, the more heat they can dissipate before simply locking up.
Hexoson - 2 maanden geleden
We all saw "Your mom", right?
Dekisho T
Dekisho T - 2 maanden geleden
Big brakes are important so you can stop before Karen realizes she took the wrong turn and bye bye irreplaceable sports car
anonimouse - 2 maanden geleden
Who watches Donut Media even though you don't even have a car?
Mike Herbosa
Mike Herbosa - 2 maanden geleden
you didnt tackle the age old question which way does the slotted rotors go. which direction. hahah
Rindana - 2 maanden geleden
Tbh I doubt I ever will stop watching these guys. I love cars and want my own project car however I am still afraid buying one because its alot of money. But I got meself a decent daily driver I wanna make a tad bit better for daily driving. No performance upgrades but maybe like a long end shifter, Decent brakes, coil overs, wheels and such things that just make the car overall feeling better to drive.
Trudeau da fraud
Trudeau da fraud - 2 maanden geleden
So not worth it unless tracking basically. Look good. Is about all.
Patrick Carrillo
Patrick Carrillo - 2 maanden geleden
The e-brake thing would freak me out especially on a hill
Patrick Nelson
Patrick Nelson - 2 maanden geleden
8:05 - Basically: Your mom is unsprung mass. 😆
ΙησούςisGod 1611
ΙησούςisGod 1611 - 2 maanden geleden
it's so insane that car guys don't get why you need bigger brakes. bigger rotors are able to absorb more heat and you can use them for longer when braking hard, while stock brakes will fade out and leave you without any brakes and create dangerous situations.
Rwoarrr - 2 maanden geleden
This video came out on my 30th birthday!
Mike McKay
Mike McKay - 2 maanden geleden
But your mom said bigger is better.
MrRariel81 - 2 maanden geleden
Nice E36
Joe Santos
Joe Santos - 2 maanden geleden
Is that a Honda RC51 in the background OMG.😁0:33.👌
all i want to say is:
all i want to say is: - 2 maanden geleden
hahaaha unsprung weight : your mom
all i want to say is:
all i want to say is: - 2 maanden geleden
Logan Elliott
Logan Elliott - 2 maanden geleden
are they worth it? probably not but we’re gonna do it anyway!
BldgWha7 - 2 maanden geleden
Holy orange peel Batman!! 8:26
Laura Brown
Laura Brown - 2 maanden geleden
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Serxho Mara
Serxho Mara - 2 maanden geleden
You’re doing a super great job I see all of your videos keep going like this man you’re in the Good way 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥 and how can I get a sticker for the 4 million ?😅
StanGlee - 3 maanden geleden
Why tf were you in my head at 1:30 that was creepy lol
shel kaufman
shel kaufman - 3 maanden geleden
stopping distance is only thing that's important. u didn't test!
BioDiver - 3 maanden geleden
I like big brakes and I cannot lie
You other calipers can't deny
When a stop rolls in
With itty bitty space
Tires squealing in your face
Wanna lock-up tight
Gotta notice that skid looks straight
Even the lunge in cabin
Not moving, other cars staring
Shem Whitehead
Shem Whitehead - 3 maanden geleden
I always spring for ceramic pads.
And one trick for brake fluid, instead of draining your entire brake system, just suck out what's in the reservoir with a fluid remover or turkey baster and then fill the reservoir back up. It gives the system fresh fluid and you don't have to re-bleed the brakes.
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell - 3 maanden geleden
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זה סודי
זה סודי - 3 maanden geleden
1:04 they hit 4.58 mil

Happy 4.5L Ferrari V8 noises
Robert Villard
Robert Villard - 3 maanden geleden
9:18 someone sneezing anywhere in 2021
Idaho - 3 maanden geleden
Are they still selling the "4 million" stickers? I'd want one but also wondering if they ship to the EU.
Yong Ling
Yong Ling - 2 maanden geleden
Nope, they're long sold out.
Ismael Gomez
Ismael Gomez - 3 maanden geleden
you have a lot of cherry head conures in youre neighborhood lol
Morey Cohen
Morey Cohen - 3 maanden geleden
Bottom line for the streets you only need to stop once so you’re not going to experience any fade. On the track it’s a different story once they get hot it’s like stepping on a Sponge so you need all the breaks you can get.
gixxerhoff 750
gixxerhoff 750 - 3 maanden geleden
Great video, what’s up with the e36 in the background?
Yong Ling
Yong Ling - 2 maanden geleden
It's his roommate Cirone's, it recently got an angle kit plus new control arms.
Marius Dalen
Marius Dalen - 3 maanden geleden
Sidenote:clean your wheel hub when replacing rotors, the tend to build upp rust and shit you dont want clearly seen at 8:25. If not done, over time the hub gets uneven and warps the rotors faster.
Love the moneypit series!
Garforce II
Garforce II - 3 maanden geleden
I always thought it was farthest first and then closest
Brand Whitford
Brand Whitford - 3 maanden geleden
Put a piece of cardboard down. Makes sliding around under the car much easier.
Esteban Ayala
Esteban Ayala - 3 maanden geleden
ItsME - 3 maanden geleden
He does a good Jobe of explaining hehe ;)
walter haumaier
walter haumaier - 3 maanden geleden
Also no mentioning of carbon fiber ceramic pads and rotors plus I wouldn’t recommend two different set of pads the rotors and pad get seated and will most likely give pad slap when you switch pads
Powellj481 - 3 maanden geleden
That transition at 10:40 is way overlooked
chadthelad - 3 maanden geleden
i went to insta, found someone talking about this channel, came here, left with a severe addiction to jdm’s and losing my money
Triple M Gaming
Triple M Gaming - 3 maanden geleden
8:05 ‘your mom’😂😂😂
Blairtronica - 3 maanden geleden
Why worry with the rear brakes? 🤔
Brandon Deabreu
Brandon Deabreu - 3 maanden geleden
Once a year. :o
I just flush out a small bottles worth when i do brake job.
James Jones
James Jones - 4 maanden geleden
That's all I need my brakes to work. Enough. No more no less
James Jones
James Jones - 4 maanden geleden
Wheres the Money Pit sticker Pack????