Are Big Brakes Worth It?

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To go fast you've gotta be able to brake fast.
Zach gives you the low down on what matters when picking out a new set of brakes.
Check out the brakes we used from Flyin' Miata here:
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Austin Harding
Austin Harding - 5 uur geleden
You know you live in Cali when you leave the door open an have a fat PHX bong sittin on the kitchen counter all non-chulant, and judging from the sound of those goddam plague-like parrots that have taken over the skies like a virus and how his neighborhood looks I'd say an LA beach city, maybe Venice Beach? Redondo? It doesn't look like Newport or Huntington, it def must be somewhere north of Long beach; ami right??? Sometimes i forget why I LOVE LIVIN IN LA!!!
jason turner-hyman
jason turner-hyman - 11 uur geleden
They should seriously make a money pit sticker
Gear Head36
Gear Head36 - 21 uur geleden
Get your fingers off the friction surface of the pads. The pads and rotors need to absolutely free of oil, grease, or dirt.
Mackenzie McIntyre
Mackenzie McIntyre - 2 dagen geleden
its good to get if you want to convert from drums
Dale Francis
Dale Francis - 3 dagen geleden
Is it me or did this dude cry about his eyes not being blue enough?
MyPartnasAndMe - 4 dagen geleden
You know what’s adding unsprung weight to your car?.......your mom 🤚🏽
Bruvton - 5 dagen geleden
big boi brake and smol boi brake
DonziFreak - 5 dagen geleden
You bled them incorrectly. You bleed furthest to closest, not closest to furthest from the master.
Dominic Castiglione
Dominic Castiglione - 5 dagen geleden
Unsprung weight: Your mom
Shaun Koger
Shaun Koger - 5 dagen geleden
Zach please wear some eye protection bro
layne travis
layne travis - 9 dagen geleden
all this process and new parts for your old tired car..just great but need money man)even from the money pit advice list..keep up Zach!!
D. Casey
D. Casey - 11 dagen geleden
I know you want a new shop.... but watching you do this all in your driveway makes the show so much better, and more realistic for us "do it yourself'ers". Awesome show.
Jayden Scoblic
Jayden Scoblic - 11 dagen geleden
It’s funny how his family motto is “if it’s not done twice, it’s not done right” when dad always says “you know what I hate more than doing something once? Doing it twice”
Chamar Pittman
Chamar Pittman - 13 dagen geleden
I would love to see you do a episodes of 2008 Hyundai Elantra
Danny Stotler
Danny Stotler - 15 dagen geleden
On that type of parking brake it helps a whole lot if you apply regular brakes while setting parking brake
FuchNorris - 17 dagen geleden
Isn't that a miata club sticker
Fredness - 18 dagen geleden
@16:00 "Until you're only getting CLEAN fluid out, no air" ;)
Nature_ - 19 dagen geleden
“Your mom” caught me way off guard 😂
Takuma95 - 20 dagen geleden
Wilewood, very good
RMS Olympic
RMS Olympic - 21 dag geleden
8:08 what did you just say about my mom?
She is supported by the springs 😡

She just isn’t payed Child support by my father
Jonathan Corder
Jonathan Corder - 21 dag geleden
So dig everything so far...but missed opportunity to explain having a clean and flat surface for the "hat" (center section) to mate flush. This keeps pulsation down and ensures smooth engagement. It's a bigger deal in rustier locations. However, still important.
Side note...cams and tune before boost. Personal opinion and choice.
MegaJay70 - 21 dag geleden
You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!
AJ Ramos
AJ Ramos - 22 dagen geleden
how much costs the whole thangg
Impossible_Fishy - 22 dagen geleden
8:03 “your mom” lmao
Jason Zacarias
Jason Zacarias - 23 dagen geleden
You know what is worth it? spray painting your brake calipers red.
Dorthy Norton
Dorthy Norton - 23 dagen geleden
"Does more expensive mean more better?"
Wait, wrong show...
Ayan Sengupta
Ayan Sengupta - 23 dagen geleden
Dude when are you gonna do some on the s14
Kerno - 24 dagen geleden
peep the cougar 18:05
Adrian Dayrit
Adrian Dayrit - 24 dagen geleden
The Miata has become a science experiment.
Supreme.209 - 24 dagen geleden
who’s e36👀
Sorin - 25 dagen geleden
Before installing new rotors, clean the rust!!!
radhe shyam radhe shyam
radhe shyam radhe shyam - 25 dagen geleden
I did not realize but I was watching science garage since the torque converter and did not pay attention to the channel and when I saw it was made by donut I was mindblown
Derek Mixon
Derek Mixon - 25 dagen geleden
Two piece rotors 👍
Non floating 🤦‍♀️
NRGRLSD - 26 dagen geleden
I like big brakes and I can not lie. you other brothers can't deny.........
Matt Dobing
Matt Dobing - 26 dagen geleden
umm, is that how good stock brakes should be? Hahah mine are horrendous. Think I need new rotors
ItzGKgaming - 27 dagen geleden
That miata has so much mods to it, it should be in a fast and furious movie
Doomer Buggy
Doomer Buggy - 27 dagen geleden
Its more of a temperature problem
See Yong
See Yong - 28 dagen geleden
4:45 anyone else’s mind went to a dirty place...
David Williams
David Williams - 28 dagen geleden
Yur nose is durty, bro
Gerrick Steve
Gerrick Steve - 28 dagen geleden
4 milli yee yee!!!
Hide and Tweak
Hide and Tweak - 28 dagen geleden
brake fluid has to be changed once a year ? damn, I don't remember reading that in my user's manual
darth paul
darth paul - 29 dagen geleden
Hate loctited bolts!!🤬
I LOVE axia
I LOVE axia - 29 dagen geleden
Do you need to swap the brake booster for this to work more efficiently
Garrett Lamb
Garrett Lamb - 29 dagen geleden
two statements "if you can lock up the breaks you don't really need brakes" (paraphrased). "when you seen a guy with big breaks, you know he knows what's up"........ ??????????
F1ibraaa - 29 dagen geleden
Damn ive missed this show
mntest neat
mntest neat - 29 dagen geleden
hi donut
Craig Fowler Campbell
Craig Fowler Campbell - Maand geleden
Ive been watching forever idk HOW I wasn’t subbed
Jill Chuon
Jill Chuon - Maand geleden
For basic car maintenance how often would you suggest replacing the brake pads and when to know when you replace brake pads or whole rotors and everything??
JROD - Maand geleden
Every time he switches the parts he never talks about the weight difference
Ryan Tavares
Ryan Tavares - Maand geleden
my parents wont let me "waste my money on a pos miata" so i gotta wait a couple months till Im 18 so I can finally buy one
-Yukio- - Maand geleden
Money Pit is such a great show, I've learned so much during this series already and hope that it will continue after the Miata is done!
IProHeadhunter - Maand geleden
Anyone know if there's any pros or cons to swapping a 99 Dodge ram 2wd drum breaks to pad breaks?
ryan schlegel
ryan schlegel - Maand geleden
favorite show on donut by far keep it up boys
Irvin Gonzalez
Irvin Gonzalez - Maand geleden
Miata slowly becoming a beast
The b4dcompany
The b4dcompany - Maand geleden
But the cost, those are like 2500$ kit if not more
NotMr. Clean
NotMr. Clean - Maand geleden
My family’s motto is “do it right the first fucking time dumb ass”
Torque Racing Production
Torque Racing Production - Maand geleden
Unsprung weight: ur mom! Lol classic
Mike Chin
Mike Chin - Maand geleden
You sink money into big brake kit but still has solid rear discs. That seems kinda dumb.
Emmanuel-Lewis Sneed
Emmanuel-Lewis Sneed - Maand geleden
Ha! "your mom!"
priit kalda
priit kalda - Maand geleden
Zach is my new Paul Walker
levi reynolds
levi reynolds - Maand geleden
Sick your mom joke
Mista Bionerd
Mista Bionerd - Maand geleden
Change your brake fluid once a year??? WTF do you guys do mega miles or summat??? We only top ours and then change after a couple of years.
jim chris
jim chris - Maand geleden
Why the front caliper isnt radial too ?
S T - Maand geleden
It would probably be better just to change the front on the Miata?
travis garcia
travis garcia - Maand geleden
Need some videos on old trucks
MEH man
MEH man - Maand geleden
big brakes vs dual calipers?
NovaZocket52 - Maand geleden
I was here for 3 mil but... I’m broke and I still can’t get stickers
Isaac Solorio
Isaac Solorio - Maand geleden
They really snuck a yo mama joke in there
Mohammad Syed
Mohammad Syed - Maand geleden
Zach Jobe .. I think big brakes are like bigger boobs ... ur car/baby may not need them .. but it’s sure fun to have them ...
Jacob Magnuson
Jacob Magnuson - Maand geleden
can you please add to your description that you use a dead blow hammer on the rotors not a regular like 4lb sledge, before people start putting inch long 3 mm deep dents in the face of the rotors ? any0ne else like slightly concerned about that ?
Dylan Briney
Dylan Briney - Maand geleden
Your mom is on the list for unsprung weight. That made my whole day.
Faraz Ahmad
Faraz Ahmad - Maand geleden
It was all about hub weight and everything. And then there is your mom written in subtitle..... I was here only for this comment :) Then i wrote my own ...peace
Zachary Prete
Zachary Prete - Maand geleden
Bro like 2 years ago donut had like 100k subs holy cow. Been here like 4 years lol
Squatting Otter
Squatting Otter - Maand geleden
But, why is my mom unsprung weight?
daniel montano
daniel montano - Maand geleden
Where’s my
Revn STI
Revn STI - Maand geleden
Bigger brakes are more worth it when you have much wider and very sticky tires. Stock calipers with pads are most likely more than capable for your stock tire size on most modern cars.
Revn STI
Revn STI - Maand geleden
Ceramic are actually the worst if you are looking at performance and dealing with heat. They won’t stop and will warp your rotors from the extra heat due to having to hit them harder but they’ll last longer. I personally don’t like changing my rotors and care about stopping distance more than pad life.
actionjksn - Maand geleden
It looks like he's installed some sort of subframe connectors, I think that's what those truss like metal rails are. They don't look like factory parts, I'm sure those help stiffen things up.
I've never seen rear disk brakes with an emergency brake system that works like that but the only vehicle I've ever had with rear disk brakes was my old 2001 Silverado. The way they implemented it was very different. What they did on it was the back of the rotors were hollowed out to form a miniature brake drum with these little bitty brake shoes with the emergency brake cable attached to them. I'm not sure which system is better. Also I suspect that a small car like this would not have enough mass on the rotors to hollow enough out to mount the little brake shoes.
I had always wondered how my trucks emergency brake worked with disk brakes until I pulled the rotors to replace them, I thought it was a pretty clever design.
My 2008 Silverado has rear drum brakes and my new complete brake system was just delivered yesterday from Amazon so I am changing everything. Including drums and all hardware plus front rotors and calipers. I am seriously dreading doing the rear drum brakes. They are so much worse to work on than disk brakes. The rear brakes are totally shot and the wheel cylinders are blown out. I think bleeding then is going to be a total pain in the ass. ABS brakes seem to be harder to get the air out of.
Lightning McKurt
Lightning McKurt - Maand geleden
Your mom. Is unsprung weight. I love mom jokes!
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia - Maand geleden
Whats the background music at 10:45?
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor - Maand geleden
I’ve been having trouble with my brakes, and have had parts changed out to still have the same issue, and I kept saying that I think the brake fluid absorbed water and needed to be changed, but people kept telling me that you don’t have to change it out unless it’s been in there for years. But hearing him recommend changing it once a year makes me think that it is indeed the brake fluid
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 - Maand geleden
The purple brackets are sweet. I had a chrome BMX back in the day with the same purple accents,seat clamp,goose neck,rim hubs all that anodized purple and it looked so good.
Daniel Espinosa
Daniel Espinosa - Maand geleden
At least I have unsprung weight.
Barlos2x - Maand geleden
On my g35 i had like a napkin of clearance between the rim and caliper
Jorge Santos
Jorge Santos - Maand geleden
How you manufacture the wood rampas?
BOYGENIUS538 _ - Maand geleden
I like big brakes and I cannot lie.
Joseph Coupal
Joseph Coupal - Maand geleden
Is that nos behind the seats?
Jordan Whitcher
Jordan Whitcher - Maand geleden
Hydro e brake install?? Ehh?
kacper rski
kacper rski - Maand geleden
Just a man shopping for pads
Ethan Marx
Ethan Marx - Maand geleden
I didn’t order one in time ;~; I’m upset
christopher king
christopher king - Maand geleden
Would i be able to upgrade with stock rims on an 02 accord?
Nicholas Field
Nicholas Field - Maand geleden
Your mom 🤣🤣
Ryan Voll
Ryan Voll - Maand geleden
You’re lucky that you don’t have to worry about the winter wheels not fitting.
I would have to buy bigger rims for winter tires to get aftermarket big brakes.
meme dream
meme dream - Maand geleden
What you said about drilled and slotted rotors is the polar opposite from what I heard from Everyone else, including websites such as r1concepts. They all basically state the drilled are the best rotors for daily use and slotted rotors are the ones that crack most. Is that true?
meme dream
meme dream - Maand geleden
@GNranger Or, I was thinking, why not just get better and more expensive brake pads and put them on OEM brake rotors?
meme dream
meme dream - Maand geleden
@GNranger Damn, I must have forgotten then. Thanks for that though. So, you would recommend which? OEM, drilled, slotted, or drilled and slotted?
GNranger - Maand geleden
I just looked at r1concepts and it said that rotors with drilled holes are prone to cracking. While it is true that drilled rotors are best for general use. Slotted rotors tend have a shorter life than most and can shorten the life of the pads, but aren't prone to cracking.
Dan Hazard
Dan Hazard - Maand geleden
I hear those damn Birds all the time in LA, like hundreds of Parrots flying around on there own, they are loud and fly by my house every so often🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜
sk8punk318 - Maand geleden
Not gonna lie my 14” 4 pot Brembo BBK always puts a smile on my face
jarryd grimes
jarryd grimes - Maand geleden
Is the s14 next on money pit
James Trostel
James Trostel - Maand geleden
I like how he's touching the rotor with his hands, which can contaminant the rotor
sebastian tvete
sebastian tvete - 2 maanden geleden
you only need to chang the breakfulid every 2end year